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We created Animation Entertainment and Activity Ltd. with the intention and desire to offer a new, professional, unique way of doing animation. We consider the preferences and requests of each individual client. We are not re-discovering the wheel. What we bring to the table is a long and rich international experience we have gained in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, and Bulgaria. They are all prime holiday destinations with traditions and experience. There, we gained the confidence of knowing and capable professionals. But what really sets us apart as desirable business partners is the energy we put into our work and our creations.

Our efforts are directed towards:

  • Selection, training, and managing of animators.
  • Development of individual animation conceptions tailored to the needs, requests, and preferences of guests and the hotel management.
  • Development of day and evening sports programs for both children and adults.
  • Creation of unique shows and stage performances.
  • Design and creation of show costumes and masquerade costumes, theme parties, programs for children, etc.
  • Production of theatric and amphitheatric decors and stage props.
  • Equipping of animation halls, theatres, and amphitheatres with light and sound technology.
  • Organizing theme parties.
  • Consultation services.

Professionalism, quality, and good manner are the things we value most. Our specialists, and the partners with whom we are working in close collaboration, can guarantee that we make things happen.