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Before a man can call himself an animator, he shall pass some levels of training.

If your wish is to be an animator, if you are already an animator, but you want to raise your professional qualities, if you are anxious to have the necessary knowledge of a chief-animator, do not waste your time any more, but contact us. We organize courses for training animators, carried out by specialists having more than 15 years international experience, gained in 5 stars hotels of high-quality, hotel chains and countries such as Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, and Bulgaria. They are all prime holiday destinations with traditions and experience. The courses are intensive and pass different levels:

  • Communication skills.
  • The different nationalities – characteristics and culture.
  • Way of behavior and manners.
  • Team working and team building.
  • General training of working with audio devices and stage lighting.
  • Working with a microphone and moderation.
  • Stage techniques and artistry.
  • Dance.
  • Training of aerobics, water gymnastics, step aerobics and body work for beginners and advanced.
  • Special features of working with children.
  • Technique of organizing activities.
  • Company policy and labor discipline.