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According to scientific researches, show business is an industry which is on the third place on profit in the world. Worldwide millions of money are being spent for “entertainments”. People from Ancient Rome have even understood the importance of entertainment with the famous – “…Bread and circuses”.

Show is one of the most important components of animation. Metaphorically said, it is “the cherry on the cake” from the animation program. A well created evening show program: with decors, which adds to the atmosphere and exalts the effect of the show; with the high quality and well chosen costumes; with precisely selected music proper for all ages; with the stage lighting which makes an incredible effect, all this with confidence leaves in the consciousness of the guests pleasure and memories of unforgettable experience.

We offer you a great variety of different show-programs:

  • Variety show.
  • Folklore.
  • Sketch.
  • For children.
  • Quiz.
  • Musical.
  • and many others.

The show programs are tailored to the guests` nationality, their age and preferences. If you would like a show to be created especially for you and not to have being seen on other places, lend us some trust! Our choreographer will train the animators in your hotel and thus the evening entertainment of your guests is in your hands. You will not need to spend much money for outside programs with suspicious quality.